Teaching is pivotal to who I am as a scholar. For fall 2022, I am teaching POLI3129: Race and Politics and POLI4006: Theories and Concepts in International Relations. I build my classrooms on mutual trust and respect, and my students and I turn a critical eye toward ideas and institutions often taken for granted. Starting from the premise that lived experience is a crucial source of knowledge, we use innovative exercises in which students reckon with perspectives different from their own, challenge conventional wisdom, and ask questions as a template for lifelong learning.

I have experience teaching in two countries at institutions ranging from a 45,000-person public university to a 1,400-person liberal arts college in online, in-person, introductory, and upper-level courses. I am an Associate Fellow of the Higher Education Academy in the UK. As a PhD student, I was a Future Faculty Partner with the UW Teaching Academy and was twice nominated for university-wide teaching awards, once for early excellence and once for innovation in teaching.